SNSPA International Week STRATEGICA Masterclass The Future of Renewable Energy in the Current Geopolitical Context

The current geopolitical context has clearly pointed to the imperative of finding feasible solutions for renewable energy. Even though this topic has been addressed worldwide over the past years, the war in Ukraine has brought to the fore the critical nature of the issue and has claimed a common effort for providing optimal responses to the energy crisis. In this respect, the discussions will envisage:

  • the new geopolitical circumstances and their immediate and long-term consequences
  • the prerequisites and signals of the energy crisis
  • the urgency for finding feasible solutions for renewable energy
  • how does the future look like from the perspective of renewable energy?


  • Ioana Petrescu, President of Pur și Simplu Verde & Director of the Center in Leadership and Innovation, SNSPA. Ioana Petrescu is a Visiting Research Fellow at the Ash Center and a Senior Fellow at the Mossavar-Rahmani Center for Business and Government at the Harvard Kennedy School. Dr. Petrescu is a former Romanian finance minister. While a minister, she pursued policies to cut tax evasion and tax avoidance, promote financial transparency, improve tax compliance, lower the tax burden for businesses and keep fiscal discipline. She has also served in the government as an economic adviser to the prime minister and head of his delivery unit, where she monitored the implementation of the prime minister’s priorities in procurement, employment, energy, and tax compliance. She is an international consultant on issues such as tax reform, central government delivery, and local public services and runs the Center for Leadership and Innovation at the National School of Political Science and Public Administration in Bucharest. In the past, she also served as an expert for the European Economic and Social Committee in Brussels. She was an Assistant Professor at the University of Maryland and she holds a Ph.D. in economics from Harvard. She has published in various academic journals and newspapers. Her book analyzes issues such as flat taxation and government revenues.
  • Florina Pînzaru, Dean, Faculty of Management, SNSPA. Florina Pȋnzaru is a Full Professor and Dean of the Faculty of Management at the National University of Political Studies and Public Administration (SNSPA), Bucharest, Romania. Florina Pînzaru is a member of two well-reputed international associations activating in the fields of knowledge management and information systems: the International Association for Knowledge Management (IAKM) and the Association for Information Systems (AIS). She has been a key participant in prestigious academic conferences as Co-Chair or Conference Chair, for example for the International Conference Strategica (editions held in 2013–2018) organized by SNSPA in partnership with the National Bank of Romania and of the 12th European Conference on Management, Leadership and Governance ECMLG 2016. Further, she was a member of the scientific committee of the Global Economy and Governance International Conference GEG 2014, organized by SNSPA, the Romanian Academy, the Taiwan University, the Wuhan University in China, and the Ming Chuan University in Taipei, and a member of the scientific committee of the ICICKM 2015 (International Conference on Intellectual Capital, Knowledge Management and Organizational Learning), which took place at the Bangkok University, Thailand, on 5–6 November 2015. Additionally, over the past 10 years, Florina Pînzaru has worked as a marketer and consultant for different corporations, coordinating large-scale projects on digital transformation. Her main research and professional interests are sustainability, digitalization, and business development strategies.
  • Clara Volintiru, Professor, Bucharest University of Economic Studies ASE. Clara Volintiru is a Professor in the Department of International Business and Economics (REI), at the Bucharest University of Economic Studies (ASE). She graduated with a Ph.D. from the London School of Economics and Political Science (LSE) and has been involved in various international research projects in the field of behavioral studies, good governance, informal exchanges, and political economy. She has been a consultant for international organizations such as the World Bank, European Commission, Eurofound, Committee of Regions, and Partnership for Research in International Affairs and Development (PRIAD). Her recent publications appeared with Oxford University Press, in European Political Science Review, Eastern European Politics, and Research & Politics. Synthetic versions of her work are available in video abstracts or on such online platforms as Forbes, EUROPP, IPI Global Observatory, Emerging Europe, Global Policy, or Huffington Post.
  • Alessio Menegazzo, Head of Sustainability and Public Affairs, Enel Romania. Alessio Menegazzo joined Enel in 2009 and is now the Head of Sustainability and Institutional Affairs for the Enel companies in Romania. From this position, he coordinates a team in charge of promoting a sustainable development system based on the creation of shared value, both for the company and the community, embedding sustainability in the core of Enel’s corporate culture. Moreover, his team represents Enel in the public policy process in Romania, both at the national and local levels, managing relations with all key stakeholders. Prior to Enel, he worked as General Manager of the Italian Chamber of Commerce in Romania. He is a board member of the Romanian Utilities Association, a member of the Aspen Institute Romania, and is also involved with various NGOs in Romania. He graduated from the University of Genoa with a degree in International and Diplomatic Sciences, with a specialization in developing countries.
  • Livia Stan, Director of Public Affairs and EU Funds, EON Romania. Livia Stan has a master’s degree in Business Administration, Urban Environmental Management, and Public Management and Governance from the University of Bucharest. Livia Stan has an in-depth understanding of the legal and administrative framework specific to the Romanian central and local administration, extensive expertise in policy formulation and implementation along with a relevant international experience in the field of public procurement, concessions, PPPs, competition, and state aid, as well as access to finance both from national and EU funds. Prior to holding the position of Director of Public Affairs and EU Funds at EON Romania, she was a consultant for the World Bank and the Delegation of the European Union, a Secretary General at the Ministry of Health of Romania, and a Director at PwC.

When? 18.10.2022, 17.00-18.00

Where? Online – please register here for access

The event is organized by the Center in Leadership and Innovation, SNSPA, and Pur și Simplu Verde (Simply Green).