Elena Simina Lakatos

Elena Simina Lakatos, a Ph.D. holder in engineering and management since 2011, is an Associate Professor at the Technical University of Cluj-Napoca. She’s held pivotal roles in shaping environmental policies and circular economy practices. Simina currently presides over the Subgroup on Partnership Selection (ECoPP) at the European Commission in Brussels, crafting partner selection frameworks for European-funded projects. She also serves as Vice President of the Advisory Board for Research, Development, and Innovation at the Romanian Ministry of Research, contributing specialized scientific support to national research coordination. She chairs the ASRO/CT 398 Technical Committee on Circular Economy, standardizing circular economy practices in Romania. As President and Scientific Researcher at the Institute for Circular Economy and Environment Research “Ernest Lupan,” she engages in circular economy education and research. Internationally, she is a member of the European Circular Economy Stakeholder Platform’s, at the European Economic and Social Committee, fostering circular economy concepts in Romania. With extensive experience in research, policy development, and education, Simina is a notable figure in Romania’s circular economy and environmental sustainability landscape.