Faculty of Management from SNSPA

The youngest department within the National University of Political Studies and Public Administration (SNSPA), the Faculty of Management was created in 2009. The institutional vision of the Faculty of Management consists of bridging the gap between the academic process and national and international business environments.

The mission is built around the following specific objectives:
• develop skills in business consultancy, negotiation and effective management communication;
• develop competitive managerial behavior and acquiring a modern business culture;
• cultivate leadership skills at all organizational levels;
• promote models of excellence in business;
• develop an European and global approach of the business landscape.

The Faculty of Management offers a three-year bachelor’s degree program, as well as master-degree programs, including:
• a professional team of instructors, nationally and internationally recognized, with academic and industry backgrounds;
• a stimulating environment for bright and motivated students;
• a continuous collaboration with various public and private institutions, both in Romania and abroad.

Pinzaru CM-NUPSPADuring the past years, we saw economies struggling to manage various types of crisis and  turmoil rumbling on worldwide societies, migrations, international unrest, as well as hot debates on the impact of large businesses on local communities. All these phenomena underline the increasing need to rethinking the way we organize society and how we handle ethics and regulation, business and communication models, how to put a balance between global and local strategies and even how to better organize our lives.

In this context, the 2017 edition of the international conference STRATEGICA seeks to discuss the evolution of the business environment in the context of the digital revolution, which has a profound impact not only on the public sphere, but also on the public one, and on the business environment. It aims to be a great opportunity for interdisciplinary discussions and debates on the new business models arising, the new behaviors in management and the role of ethics and corporate social responsibility, by bringing together international academic experts, researchers and scholars.

I look forward to welcome you in Bucharest between September 28-30, 2017, and to take our knowledge to the next level!

Florina Pînzaru, 

Dean, Faculty of Management from SNSPA

For more information, please visit our website: http://facultateademanagement.ro/

***The National University of Political Studies and Public Administration (in Romanian: Școala Națională de Studii Politice și Administrative in Romanian or SNSPA) is a public learning and research institution based in Bucharest, Romania.

SNSPA is a public university founded immediately after the events in December 1989 that led to the fall of communism in Romania. Perhaps because of this, it has attracted professors and professionals with initiative, with fresh ideas, and the university has proved to be one of the most dynamic and modern universities in the country. SNSPA offers several bachelor’s degree programs (3 years), master’s degree programs (2 years) and PhD study programs (3 years).