track Strategica


Anastasios Karamanos, Ph.D., City College, Greece

An excellent atmosphere and a very well organized conference. Many high-quality presentations and opportunities to meet other academics to promote your research interests.

Monika Alt, Ph.D., Babeş -Bolyai University of Cluj-Napoca, Romania

I am very glad that I could attend Strategica International Conference. I managed to get in touch with many colleagues in my field of research. Thank you for the organizing and for all the support!


TUD_4450 - CopyDenisa Mamillo, Ph.D. candidate, European University of Tirana, Albania

I would like to congratulate you and the others organizers. The conference was well organized. I really appreciate the free transportation that you provided. The kindness and availability of the organizers was appreciated by all the participants. I think that I will participate even in the third edition of Strategica, and I will recommend it to my colleagues.

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