The Romanian Academic Society of Management (SAMRO)

SAMRO is the most prestigious academic society of Management academics in Romania, being launched in 2000.

SAMRO is an elite, non-governmental, apolitical scientific organization based on the principles of full democracy, whose mission is to promote sustainable knowledge-based management through the cooperation of the Romanian academic elites with those of the world’s leading management schools and the promotion of managerial excellence experiences of Romanian managers and everywhere.

Organized solely for non-profit purposes, SAMRO aims to professionalize management in Romania in the spirit of competence and performance, having as main objectives:

  • to promote the development of the Romanian management practice and research;
  • to increase the national and international visibility of the Romanian management;
  • to realize of the professional professional interface between the academic environment and the business environment;
  • to promote the editing of specialized publications in the field of management;
  • to organize scientific events of national and international scope;
  • to promote new models of managerial thinking – sustainable and knowledge-based.