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STRATEGICA International Conference stands for an academic and scientific event organized by the Faculty of Management  from the National University of Political Studies and Public Administration in Romania (SNSPA) in partnership with the National Bank of Romania. Since 2016 the International Association of Knowledge Management is also a partner organization.

The conference focuses on the rising interconnectedness among economies around the world and on the growing levels of cross-border collaboration and competition. Hereby, STRATEGICA claims new research and debate standpoints liable to capture the dynamics of worldwide organizations and businesses, consistently challenged by the innovation exigency in terms of strategic planning and communication. Whether we speak about a globalized marketplace for products and services, reestablishing trust, building understanding and cooperation or about marketing, ethics or corporate social responsibility, companies will have to make way for novel approaches and re-shape old models.

To this end, the first edition of the STRATEGICA international conference (2013) investigated the impact the nowadays technologies and business climate have in the fields of economics, business, media and communication. The second edition of the conference (2014) debated the impact that the recent economic crises has had on the way economies, banks and organizations are managed. The third edition (2015) investigated the dynamics generated by the interaction between local and global evolution and policies, both at macro-level and at micro-level. During the fourth edition (2016) the participants discussed the trends in contemporary society and economies.

More information and links to past editions:

2013 edition: Strategica. On Strategies in a Challenging World

2014 edition: Strategica. Management, Finance, and Ethics

2015 edition: Strategica. Local versus Global

2016 edition: Strategica. Opportunities and Risks in the Contemporary Business Environment

2017 edition: Strategica. Shift! Major Challenges of Today’s Economies

 Strategica Conference Bucharest CM-NUPSPA